Live Wallpaper Lite is an Application and Website to personalize the wallpaper on your phone and desktop the name lite means this application and website is very easy to use & you don't have to wait long or bother looking for it.

Make the most of your display with our cute and pretty Lite wallpapers2, as well as special boy wallpapers available.

With advanced features that are very simple you will not be bored looking for wallpapers according to your wishes

Change as you wish to match your phone to your style.

Start your day with a new phone screen display
Get new wallpapers every day & choose your favorite wallpaper.

• Wide selection of free backgrounds that support the most common screen sizes.
• Supports full HD wallpapers and 4K wallpapers to use as backgrounds.
• Want cute phone wallpapers, or pretty wallpapers? All available to you!

Live Wallpaper
• Have a cool video wallpaper as your home screen background. All available for you!
• Our animated wallpapers
doesn't drain your battery - only plays for a moment turning on your home screen.

Add wallpapers to favorites without downloading & without having to login.
• Access wallpapers across all your devices with one click & very easy.

Save battery and resources.
A lite wallpaper application and website that displays live wallpapers tailored to your screen size. save battery power at maximum speed, without losing image quality.